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DUI Arrest Requires Immediate Action

DUI arrest requires immediate action.  While first court dates, arraignments, are being set 5 months from now because of COVID issues, DMV must be contacted immediately within 10 days to set a hearing challenging the administrative suspension which starts 30 days after arrest for an alcohol DUI.   This suspension is separate from any conviction suspension   Failure to contact DMV within the 10 days waives the right to a hearing.  Setting the hearing will keep your license for a couple months pending the hearing results.  Usually, your attorney handling your case takes care of this and many times can even do the hearing without you present.

Many people do not read the pink sheet Notice of Suspension and Temporary License and fail to notice the administrative suspension starting in 30 days.  Consulting with a DUI Defense Attorney will provide you an understanding of all that is involved in these cases.  An attorney can also make all the appearances without the Defendant.  The first appearance is the arraignment and the formal charges are given to the Defendant or their attorney, and a “Not Guilty” is entered, counsel confirmed and Discovery or reports requested.  A future court date called a retrial or settlement date is set several weeks later after the attorney has a chance to review all discovery with the client, determine a best case disposition, get additional client information supporting dismissal, diversion, lesser charges or a lesser sentence.

The negotiations can take several court dates until the case is resolved.  While most cases are resolved through a plea bargain, there is always a jury trial available if they cannot be settled.  Christoph Law Offices offer a free initial consultation by calling 760-941-5720 and have been offering the highest level of DUI and Criminal Defense for over 40 years across from the Vista Courts.

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