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Vista Court DUI CASES Require Special Attention

Vista Court DUI cases  may require special attention as they move through the system.   In addition to understanding the California admininistrative proceedures concerning license supension if no hearing is set with DMV within 10 days of arrest, there are the local Court issues that may impact a defendant at the first appearance in the arraignment Court.  If the blood alcohol (BA) level is .20 or more on a first offense or there are priors,  then the Court routinely orders defendants to wear a SCRAM alcohol monitoring ankle braceklet until the case is resolved.  There are ways to address this issue and many times avoid an initial SCRAM monitoring that is why it may be important to contact an attorney who regularly defends DUI cases in North County.

This SCRAM device requires defendants to go to San Diego SCRAM Office in San Diego within 72 hours to have it put in place.  There is an install fee as well as daily fees charged by SCRAM which can be significant.  This device will sense alcohol in your system and cause a violation notice to be sent to the Court that can result in bail being raised and additional problems.

There are other issues concerning DUI defense and resolution in North County which makes it important to have an experienced local DUI attorney review with you possible defenses, mitigation, alternative dispositions and sentencing.  Not only knowing defenses and proceedures is important, but also being familiar with the Courts is helpful in getting the  best resolution for your case,  It is also helpful knowing what is important to the District Attorney and the Court in your case to minimizie charges or consequences.  

Christoph Law Offices offer a free initial consultation by calling 760-941-5720 and have been accross the street from Vista Courts for 38 years providing the highest level of  personalized DUI Defense.

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