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DUI Programs in California

DUI Programs in California are standardized throughout the state.  Each county has multiple locations where individuals requiring the DMV authorized DUI program can attend.  Depending on your conviction and the administrative suspension of your license, you will have to attend one of these programs for the Court and DMV to get your driving privilege back.

DUI Programs for a first conviction for VC23152 require a 3 month program for a Blood Alcohol  (BA) levels of .08 -.19, BA levels .20 or more require a 9 month program.  If the offender is under 21, then there may be an additional 4 week star program added to the 1st Offense requirement by the Court.  Offenders with a second or more DUI must complete an 18 month program, commonly referred to as SB-38.  BA levels less than .08 or involving drugs where there is a plea to a lesser charge of “wet reckless” may be able to do a lesser program involving 12 hours of education rather than the 3 month program.

Out of state DUI offenders who get a DUI in California are permitted to do an out of state program for the Court – but DMV does not recognize out of state DUI programs to cure a suspension.  If you are out of state and get a DUI, you will have to check with California DMV to see when you are eligible to drive in California and what requirements you must complete to drive in California.  This may also include filing an SR-22 insurance form with California DMV and paying a reissue fee after a period of suspension.

If you are caught driving while suspended, your vehicle may be impounded for 30 days on a 1st offense and charged with driving on a suspended license which can carry a large fine, jail time and an ignition interlock alcohol device on any vehicle you drive for up to 3 years.

It is important to discuss your unique DUI Program requirements with an experienced DUI Attorney to insure you are referred to the proper program which may also depend on how your case is resolved and at what blood alcohol level.  Contact Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation concerning your case, serving North San Diego County for over 40 years.


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