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Getting a License Back After a DUI Suspension in 2019

Getting a license back after a DMV DUI suspension in 2019 is much more complex than it was last year. There is the DMV administrative suspension for 4 months if you are .08 Blood Alcohol or more and the DUI conviction suspension which is 6 months, both can run at the same time. In both situations, if you are 21 years old or more, you have 3 choices to get a driving privilege back if both suspensions are imposed.

Driver’s License Suspension Basics

First, you can simply be suspended for 6 months – no driving. Secondly, after 30 days of suspension is served you may apply for a restriction to/from and in the course of employment and to/from the DUI program for 1 year. Thirdly, you can immediately get a license, drive anywhere anytime but be restricted to only driving a vehicle with an IID Ignition Interlock Device (breath machine) for 6 months.

DUI Programs

For choices 2 and 3, you must be enrolled in the approved DUI program – the program will file proof of enrollment with DMV, you must have an SR-22 Insurance form from your insurance company sent and on file with DMV, then you can go to DMV with the certificate showing IID is installed on your vehicle and pay a license reissue fee. You must wait until your suspension is active and visible in the system before a driving privilege can be reissued. There are some additional issues in some cases based on high blood alcohol levels, refusals, priors etc.

Reduction of Charges

If you resolve your case with a “wet reckless” as a lesser charge – then there is only the admin suspension for 4 months, IID restriction for 4 months or 5 month restriction for work and program after 30 day suspension. This blog is a generalization of the possible options concerning DMV DUI suspensions. It can be more complex depending on a number of factors. You should contact an experienced DUI attorney to help you navigate the DMV and the Court for your specific situation. Christoph Law Offices has been across from Vista Courts in North County for over 37 years handling DUI cases, call 760-941-5720 for a free consultation concerning your case.

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