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DUI Arrests seem to Increase Super Bowl Weekend

DUI arrests seem to increase on Super Bowl weekend, so beware.  Uber, Lyft, Taxi or have a designated driver for the festivities to avoid a DUI that could result in your arrest or an accident that could change your life and the lives of others.  Having done DUI and Criminal Defense for years, Super Bowl Weekend always seems to result in an increase in arrests for DUI.

The officers must have a reason to initially contact you.  It is usually a traffic violation or accident.  Sometimes suspected DUI drivers are called in by fast food employees, gas stations, bars, liquor stores or other people.  The officer responds, usually the officer will not write you up for the underlying minor violation but just use it as probable cause for the contact.  Once he/she observes symptoms of DUI – drugs or alcohol, you may be given field sobriety tests and maybe even a field breath test.  Then if it appears you are DUI, its off to the jail to take the official breath or blood test, get booked – make bail or wait up to 3 business days for Court. Usually, your California license is taken and you are also served with a DMV pink sheet suspension notice and 30 day temporary license which requires you or your attorney to set a hearing within 10 days or loose the right to challenge the suspension.

Contacting an attorney right after your DUI arrest to review your situation, the DUI charge, DMV and Court proceedings is recommended so you understand what needs to be done as soon as possible and give you a better understanding on how the case will proceed through the system.  If it is a misdemeanor DUI, the attorney can even make all of your Court appearances for you. Attorneys Nicholas Christoph and William Christoph offer a free consultation by calling  760-941-5720.  For over 35 years, Christoph Law Offices have been located across from Vista Courts providing the highest level of personal and professional representation.

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