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DUI Plea Bargains in Vista Courts

DUI plea bargains in Vista Courts vary depending on a number of factors. Plea bargains can involve possible lesser or different charges, striking allegations, lessening penalties, military diversion and in rare cases dismissal. The strength of the case, the facts, blood alcohol or drug level, field sobreity tests, attitude with law enforcement, dangerousness of the driving, prior record and other information concerning the driver. Driver information can be important especially where it would tend to support a better disposition, like military service, effect conviction will have on vocational licenses, immigration, achievements, future goals.

DUI plea bargains can occurr at any appearance, usually after the arraignment and the attorney has reviewed the case with the cllient. Often an attorney will have the reports ahead of time if a DMV hearing is set, the DA does not release reports until after the first appearance. The first appearance is the arraignment where an attorney can appear for the defendant, enter a not guilty plea, set the case over for negotiations at a later date to allow review of the case with the client, request police/lab reports, and sometimes do some preliminary negotiations depending on the District Attorney and Judge handling the first appearance. Once an attorney understands all of the relevant factors, that attorney will have a good idea what the “best case resolution ” would be. Whether it takes 1 appearance or 4 appearances – it is the resolution which is important not how many times the attorney goes to Court.

In order for defendants to get the best resolution, it is important they contact an attorney right after arrest, especially if the DUI arrestee has been issued a pink sheet “temporary license and notice of suspension”. This requires a DMV hearing to be set within 10 days of arrest in order to challenge the DMV administrative license suspension which is separate from the criminal case. By setting this hearing, it not only extends a person’s ability to drive pending the hearing, but also will result in the DUI Lawyer getting the reports to review with the client before the arraignment so every appearance can be a potential negotiation. DUI lawyers Nicholas and William Christoph provide a free initial consultation by calling 760-941-5720. Located across from Vista Courts for over 35 years, they provide the highest level of personal and professional DUI representation.

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