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What is a DUI Checkpoint?

A DUI checkpoint is a mobile roadblock where law enforcement officers briefly stop traffic, briefly interview drivers and suspected DUI drivers are further detained for further sobriety testing in order to try to keep impaired drivers off the road.  The sobreity checkpoints have been ruled legal because the danger posed by DUI drivers outweighs the minimal intrusion of briefly stopping traffic without probable cause.  There are still a number of regulations which must be followed to have a “legal sobriety checkpoint”.  

DUI checkpoint locations must be published ahead of time, clearly marked, reasonably located, be neutral as far as initial contact, be run by a supervising officer, be safely set up and minimially invasive.  Usually an officer will have you roll down your window, ask simple question like “how are you this evening?” and carefully listen to your response and observe your physical appearance for objective symptoms, including odor of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes etc.  If there is some indication you may be under the influence, you will be pulled to the side for further evaluation and testing.

The holiday season is a particularly important time for DUI checkpoints in North San Diego County because there are more DUI drivers on the road.  The existence of a DUI checkpoint discourages drinking and driving as your odds of being caught greatly increase.  Known areas and highways where DUI drivers are routinely stopped are most often utilized. Checkpoints do save lives.   If you are arrested for DUI, call Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation and review of your case.  Located across from Vista Courts for over 35 years, Attorneys Nick and William Christoph provide the highest level of professional representation and can ghelp you achieve the best result in your case.

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