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Can you terminate probation early in Vista Courts?

You can terminate Probation early in Vista Courts.  It requires a motion to be filed stating the request for early termination and the reason.  Usually additional documentation is included with the motion supporting the early termination.   A court date is assigned about 3-4 weeks later, the District attorney is served a copy of the request for early termination and will respond agreeing or opposing the request.  At the hearing, a Judge will hear both sides and make the decision whether early termination is appropriate.

Generally, Judges will not even consider a request to terminate probation early until at least half the probationary period is over and some require longer, all the requirements of the sentence are completed, there are no violations of probation or pending cases.  For DUI cases, a minimum of 3 years probation of the 5 imposed is often required.  Many Judges may also want good cause or a reason why termination should be granted early , for example entry into the military, occupational licensing, employment etc.  Sometimes when cases are initially negotiated, it may be agreed that after a specific amount of probation that it can be terminated early with no violations.   Felony probation is much more difficult to get terminated early than misdemeanor probation, but may be converted to informal rather than formal probation as an alternative. 

There are specific positive things that can help an individula get probation terminated early that can be included in the motion and an expungement motion can be considered if termination is granted.  Contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you with and explain the process.  Call Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation, we have done hundreds of early probation terminations and offer a free consultation 

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