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Marijuana Possession and Sales in Vista Courts

Marijuana Possession and sales  cases in Vista Courts could dramatically change with the upcoming election where the recreational use of marijuana will be on the ballot.  While marijuana is still an illegal drug federally, we have seen the federal government condone and not prosecute cases except where there are commercial grow  operations not regulated by state laws and illegal trafficing of marijuana.  California is still prosecuting marijuana possession, cultivation, and sales cases criminally unless they are in accordance with both state and local laws.

Many jurisdictions do not like marijuana in their cities and use zoning and other laws to limit the marijuana possession and sales, as well as cultivation. Currently, California allows medical marijuana or marijuana as authorized by a doctor for a particular medical issue.  There are limits and regulations on amounts, cultivation and sales.  However, it is readily available and qualifying for a medical exemption is not difficult.  The problem comes when individuals think marijuana is no big deal and use, grow and sell it or attempt to make a business from their medical access to marijuana by selling to friends, growing or possessing more than is authorized etc.

The unathorized possession of less than an ounce is an infraction punishable by a fine only, however, unauthorized possession of more that an ounce is a misdemeanor and unauthorized sales or cultivation is a felony.  This may all change in November, but these charges and convictions may still be an issue until that time.  If you are involved with a marijuana or other drug case, contacting a criminal defense attorney is important to address issues as soon as possible.  Call Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation. Located across from Vista Courts, we have over 30 years of providing the highest level of personal and professional defense representation in  Criminal and DUI cases.

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