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DUI contacts and arrests are from multiple sources

DUI contacts and arrests come from multiple sources.  The most common reason for the initial contact is the traffic or equipment violations, but there are several other reasons also like accidents, citiizen calls, checkpoints and stops made while investigating other crimes.

Law enforcement Officers must have probable cause to arrest someone for driving under the influence and if they pull someone over and detain them, they must have a reason or probable cause to do that.  That is why the most common reason for DUI stops are normal traffic enforcement.  The officer usually notices a moving violation like speeding, weaving, some other equipment issues like a taillight out or maybe a cell phone violation or stopped on the shoulder …. anything that justifies the initial contact where the officer then notes symptoms of alcohol or drug use.  This then allows the police officer to further detain an individual for field sobriety tests and chemical testing.  DUI checkpoints are also utilized, but must conform to strict legal guidelines to be legal.  Many times other drivers call in other vehicles where there is unsafe driving noted.  

Sometimes the officers get calls regarding a disturbance, domestic violence or bar fight and the vehicles of individuals involved are described and these vehicles may be stopped when the officers are responding to the call.  Accidents also generate alot of DUI arrests when the officers arrive and interview witnesses and drivers.

There can be issues in DUI cases with probable cause, detention, chemical testing as well as mitigating factors that are important in defending DUI cases which can make a difference in the resolution of these cases.  It is important to contact a DUI Defense attorney for at least an evaluation as soon as possible while the facts are fresh and you are still able to set a DMV Hearing within the 10 days of your arrest.  That suspension is separate from the criminal sanctions and is based on an alcohol level.  For a free consultation, call DUI Defense Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph at 760-941-5720.  We have been across from Vista Courts for over 34 years, helping thousands of people get the best resolution of their case.

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