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Are cell phone searches illegal without a warrant?

Cell phone searches without a warrant are unreasonble searches and illegal. Anything found in that search may not be used against the person arrested. However, if there is sufficient information to get a warrant to search the contents of the phone, then it may be searched.  There are also possible exigent circumstances that may justify the cell phone searches without a warrant, like officer safety or destruction of evidence.

The US Supreme Court in Riley v. California, 134 SC 2473 (2014), held that digital information on a cell phone searches cannot be conducted incident to arrest absent a warrant or exigent circumstance.  Before this, cell phones were routinely being searched incident to arrest and information concerning drug sales, gang affiliation, weapons, child porn and other information that could incriminate individuals being arrested was found.  Cell phones today hold an incredible amount of information concerning an individual.

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, 134 SC 2473 (2014)