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What is a “Soliciting Prostitution” Sting Operation?

A “soliciting prostitution” sting operation is an operation routinely run by local law enforcement to arrest “Johns”.  This operation is used by nearly every local law enforcement agency other than the California Highway Patrol.  Oceanside Police, Escondido Police and Carlsbad Police seem to use it more than other departments and the way they run it may differ.  They offer an “opportunity” to solicit sex for money by individuals, usually males and referred to as “Johns”.  The crime is the “asking for sex in return for payment”  whether or not it is performed or not is irrelevant.  There are possible entrapment issues, but the police try to be careful to avoid those issues.   Additionally, most people do not want to go to trial, even if they have a good case, because of the embarassment, fear their family, spouse, girlfriend or employer will find out.  Fortunately an experienced criminal defense attorney can play an important role in trying to get the charges dismissed if there are defensible issues, or reduced to lesser unrelated charges like “disturbing the peace”.

Law enforcement sets up the “opportunity” for soliciting prostitution by having their most attractive female officers play the role of streetwalkers attracting “pay to play” johns in known areas of prostitution.  They also run ads on the “back page” websites, or other websites where similar services are often found.  Regardless how they set it up, it always ends up with the converstaions being recorded. a meeting, and going to the Motel where other officers are waiting in the bathroom to execute the “bust”. (no pun intended)

In addition to the recorded conversations, there is usually the amount of money discussed for the sex act with the “customer” if it has not been paid, and additionally there may be condoms or other evidence consistent with the solicitation of sex or money.  These charges are crimes of moral turpitude can affect personal relationships, jobs, careers, immigration, security clearances, vocational licenses and can be devastsating to an individual.  It is important that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to review your case and the options available based on an evaluation.  The attorney can go to Court without you.  Call Christoph Law Offices for a free consultation at 760-941-5720.  Criminal Defense Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph, located for over 30 years across from Vista Courts, have been providing the highest level of personal and professional representation.

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