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What factors determine release on bail in Vista Jail?

There are many factors which are considered in setting bail and allowing release on bail in Vista jail and by the Courts and jails throughout California.  The bail is initially set after arrest based on the charges that a person is booked on.  That amount is published on line based on the charge.  That initial bail considers the charge only, the more serious the charge then the higher the bail.  Misdemeanors are significantly less than felonies.

In aggravated cases, the officer or detective can request additional significant bail be required for release on bail if there are aggravating factors involved in the crime, a Judge can then authorize a higher bail at the time of arrest.  At the first Court date or arraignment, the Judge can consider lowering or raising the bail based on a number of factors concerning the individual arrested and the facts of the crime. These factors include how long a defendant has lived in the local area, does he/she rent or own, does the defendant have family in the area, a job, prior record, prior failure to appears, military service, education, immigration status if known, mitigating or aggravating factors concerning the crime, danger to the community and likelihood the defendant will return to Court.

It is important to contact an experience criminal defense who can advise you and assist in getting bail reduced if possible.  The attorneys at Christoph Law Offices have been located across from Vista Courts and Jail for over 32 years, call NiAttorneys Nicholas and William Christoph at 760-941-5720 for a free initial consultation.