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Increased DUI enforcement over the holidays

All Holidays have incresed DUI enforcement, especially the Christmas through New Years time period.  Traditionally this period of time is filled with holiday parites, evenrts and gatherings where alcohol is a main componnent.  Bars and restaurants are more crowded and frequented and there are more impaired drivers on the road than any other time.  Law enforcement is always on high alert during these holidays with extra patrols, checkpoints, and more officers on duty than any other time. 

Citizens are an important asset to law enforcement because they call 911 and report erratic drivers and provide probable cause for the stops to investigate possible DUI drivers.  Officers look for equipment violations, weaving, and any other reason to pull you over, especially at night.  Public safety is their concern and they try to get the impaired driver off the road before there is an accident and potentially serious injury or death.  Police officers often pay close attention around bar closing time 2:00 a.m. in watching areas in their cities that have a high concentration of places serving alcohol.  Not only does enforcement go up, but consequences of a conviction traditonally increase after the first of the year, whether its a higher fine, higher likelihood of ignition interlock device or other penalty.  A first offense DUI is a misdemeanor and not only carries a possible license suspension, fines, probation and programs but possibly jail or public work depending on the facts of the case.

DUI cases have alot going on with DMV actions, Court appearances, and consequences.  It is important to contact a DUI Defense attorney as soon as possible to at least understand the many facets of your case and not miss any deadlines for setting a DMV hearing.  For a free consultation, call Attorneys Nicholas or William Christoiph at Christoph Law offices at 760-941-5720 for free evaluation and honest review of your case.  Located for over 32 years across from Vista Courts and handling exclusively DUI and Criminal Defense, we can help you get the best possible resolution in your case.

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