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Why are DUI arrests greater on 4th of July in Oceanside?

DUI arrests are always greater over the July 4th weekend in all of California, not just Oceanside.  They are usually higher in beach communities in San Diego County like Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff, Del Mar and La Jolla.  More people crowd the beaches for picnics, bar b ques, fun, sun and fireworks.  Usually all these activities are accompanied by alcohol and sun block.  Law enforcement realizes the increased drinking and driving during this weekend and has extra patrols and DUI checkpoints to try and keep drunk drivers off the road.

If you drink, do not drive.  You always feel more intoxicated as your blood alcohol goes up, and you are fooled by the feeling of being less intoxicated as you come down.  The legal limit of .08 may be barely noticeable for some people who have a tolerance and drink regularly.  Drunk driving is really simply being “impaired” due to alcohol or drugs, you do not have to be “drunk”.  Have a designated driver, take alternative transportation, drink responsibly if you do drink.  There are even relatively inexpensive small breathalyzers commercially available which can at least give you an idea of your alcohol level.  Even small amounts of alcohol and prescription drugs can impair you.

The increased risk of accident and injury from drinking and driving is not worth the risk, and if you are arrested for DUI it can change your life regardless whether there is an accident.  Serious consequences including Jail, License suspension, large fines and classes can effect employment, professional licenses, education, immigration and your whole life.  If someone is injured or killed, it can be devastating.  Have a safe weekend, but if you are arrested, contact Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation as soon as possible.  For over 32 years across from Vista Courts, Attorneys William and Nicholas Christoph have provided the highest quality of personal professional representation in DUI cases, helping people get the best result in their cases.

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