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Can I get the DUI arrest report for a Vista case?

Generally the DUI arrest report and reports in most criminal cases are not available until after the first Court date and are only released to the attorney of record.  The police reports and any other investigative materials are forwarded after the arrest to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office in Vista for review and issuing.  If there was an accident in the DUI case, the accident portion only of the report is made available by the law enforcement agency usually 5 business days after the incident so that both sides can have it for their insurance companies and to get the insurance information of the other driver or vehicle.  The arrest portion may be mentioned, but is not included.  Victims of crimes may also have access to the reports.

In DUI cases, if you set a DMV hearing by calling the DMV within 10 days of your arrest and set a DMV Per Se license suspension hearing, the reports will be forwarded a week or two before the hearing to the attorney or individual who set the hearing.  Additionally, if you are approved by the Court to represent yourself, then you may be given the DUI reports after the first hearing.  The witness information is usually blacked out, there are restrictions in contacting victims and there can be problems in contacting any witnesses by a defendant.  An attorney is authorized and understands the possible issues of contacting witnesses and it is better left to the attorney.  If a witness or victim misinterprets a communication and thinks you are trying to have them change their testimony, not appear, or not prosecute, and contacts law enforcement, then you could be arrested for intimidating or tampering with a witness.

In any criminal arrest or investigation, it is best to contact an experienced criminal and DUI Defense attorney as soon as possible to achieve the best result in your case and avoid putting yourself in further jeopardy.   Call the experienced DUI and Criminal Defense attorneys of Christoph Law Offices for a free consultation by calling 760-941-5720.  Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph provide the quality personal representation in criminal and DUI cases and have been located across from Vista Courts for over 32 years and

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