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Is DUI and “Drunk Driving” the same in Vista Courts?

DUI is driving under the influence means impaired for purposes of driving in Vista Courts, North San Diego County and throughout California.  It is commonly referred to as “Drunk Driving” just like the other DUI code section making it illegal to drive while .08 blood alcohol level (BA) or more.  Technically you do not have to be”drunk”, simple impairment is enough.  People often think of “drunk” as a stumbling, slurring intoxicated person, impairment for purposes of driving is far less than that. 

The American Medical Association says that BA levels as low as .05 result in impairment.  While a person may not feel the effects, their reflexes and judgment are impaired sufficiently to make someone unable to drive with the same care and caution as a sober person under similar circumatances.  Many people think in terms of intoxication generally as a .10 BA a buzz, .20 BA a stumbling drunk, .30 BA comatose and .40 BA dead.  Everyone is different and tolerance among individuals vary based on alcohol history, metabolism, genetics, and other factors.  Body weight also plays a major role in blood alcohol levels, clearly it takes more alcohol to raise the alcohol level in a bigger person than a smaller person.  Guidelines suggest that each 1 ounce of hard liqour, a 12 ounce beer or 4 ounce glass of wine is about a .02 when absorbed, but this can vary from individual to individual and may be higher or lower.

“Drunk Driving” is a general term used in by people to refer to DUI cases.  It is a misnomer in that it implies much more impairment than is required by law.  If you have been arrested for DUI, call Christoph Law Offices for a free consultation and evaluation at 760-941-5720.  Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph have been provideing the highest level of personal and professional represention for over 32 years across from Vista Courts.

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