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What percent of Criminal cases are settled with plea bargains?

The vast majority of criminal cases are settled through negotiated plea bargains, well over 90%.  Plea bargaining is an important tool for all parties, Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys.  There are not near enough resources to try all the cases, so it has become an essential part of the criminal justice system out of necessity.  There are cases which get dismissed becuse of insufficient evidence, or further investigation indicating a valid defense, but the rest of the cases may be able to be resolved in such a way that the Defendant is willing to resolve the matter with an acceptable plea bargain rather than take the risk of going to trial and getting a significant sentence if convicted. 

Criminal defense is often “risk management”.  Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys carefully review and investigate the cases, exploring all the possible defenses, while also objectively looking at the odds of success at trial.  It is important to realistically look at the case, the mitigating factors and aggravating factors and know what the case is worth as far as settlement versus trial.  Plea bargaining can result in dismissal, diversion, reduced charges, reduced sentences and provides certainity as to an outcome versus rolling the dice where you have no control if convicted.

Plea bargaining is an art that is learned through experience.  Often times it is knowing the background and history of the Judge and prosecutor you are trying to settle the case with.  Two people can have the same factual case and get two different sentences and plea bargains depending on who was involved with the negotiations, settlement and sentencing.  For a free consultation with Nicholas or William Christoph at Christoph Law Offices, call 760-941-5720.  We have been located across from Vista Courts for over 32 years and have dealt on a daily basis with the D.A.s and Judges.  let us help you get the best resolution in your case.

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