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Is Treatment in Drug Cases in Vista Courts Available?

Treatment in Drug cases in Vista Courts may be available as an alternative to prosecution under certain circumstances, or included in the sentencing for drug charges.  There are several ways to handle a drug case which depend on a number of factors like the charges, the facts of the case, prior record, individual, medical condition and other factors specific to a certain case.  Treatment can be available and ordered as part of a sentence or as an alternative to a sentence.  Whether or not treatment will be successful depends on the individual.

Diversion, also called PC 1000, is a program for first offense drug charges involving small amounts for personal use.  Diversion allows a guilty plea but sentencing continued for 18 months.  It includes a drug program and an 18 month period to remain drug and arrest free.  If you successfully complete diversion, you are never sentenced and therefore have never been convicted.  The charges are dismissed as if they never occurred for most purposes.  If someone is doing treatment just to avoid or minimize jail and are not committed to recovery, the odds of success are small.  Until someone really wants the help because drugs are ruining their life, their relationships and their career, they are likely to continue to use.  Some drugs like opiates, heroin, prescription meds, are so addictive, the odds of long term success become less. 

There are other options like Prop 36 also known as PC 1210, and Drug Court.  All these treatment oriented resolutions have qualification restrictions.  Contact the experienced Criminal Defense attorneys at Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation.  With over 30 years defending drug cases across from Vista Courts, let attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph provide the highest level of professional and personal representation for you.

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