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A DUI Stop Requires a Reason to Pull You Over in Vista

A DUI stop requires a reason to stop and detain the vehicle in Vista and all of California.   There are situations where an officer legally contacts an individual which results in a DUI arrest when no stop is made where witnesses or circumstances are used to prove driving.  If the officer pulls someone over, he must have a probable cause to do so.  An officer does not know if a driver is intoxicated or has been drinking or used drugs until the officer contacts the driver after a stop.  There may be some telltale signs or driving patterns that tend to indicate an impaired driver like continual weaving, but cars are pulled over for many reasons, which do not give any indication of impairment.

Law enforcement may know that during the evening and night in areas of bars tend to produce more DUI drivers and they may patrol those areas very carefully stopping individuals for any violation or observation suggesting a problem.  The most common reason to contact an individual is usually a vehicle code moving violation like speed, stop sign, red light, or weaving.  There are also many people initially stopped for equipment violations like a light out, headlights not on, expired registration etc.  The reason for the stop is also important during negotiation or trial, clearly an equipment violation does not suggest driving impairment where moving violations like weaving may.

There are stops made by officers which can be questionable.  There are a number of factors which go into prosecuting and defending DUI cases.  Contact Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation and evaluation with one of  San Diego Magazine’s “Top Lawyers” and highest rating in legal ability and ethical standards.  With over 40 years combined experience and over 30 years across from Vista Courts, Nicholas and William Christoph offer the highest level of professionand personal legal representation.


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