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Shoplifting season in Carslbad, Oceanside and Escondido

It is shoplifting season, especially in all the areas where there are large malls like Carlsbad, Oceanside and Escondido California.  Simply because the Christmas holiday season is the biggest shopping period of the year, everyone needs to get merchandise, either for themselves or others.  Sometimes it is just too tempting to take something mall, hide it in a jacket or purse and walk out.  Unfortunately, people just do not think of the ultimate cost to their lives, career, family and self esteem based on that one impulsive taking.  Theft is a crime of moral turpitude and can be used against you in a number of ways, like credibility and honesty.

Shoplifting, or stealing merchandise from retail outlets not only cost consumers millions in higher costs overall for merchandise, but also can be devastating to a defendant’s career, educational opportunity or professional license like teaching credential, real esate sales license, nursing license or other career licensing by the stealing of some meaningless item from a store.  The embarassmment, loss of self esteem, and financial cost can be considerable not to mention possible criminal and civil penalties  Stores are able to collect civil penalties which offset security costs from those who are caught shoplifting.

The crimninal penalty of a misdemeanor petty theft includes probation, up to 6 months custody and $ 1000 fine.  Even though there is seldom much jail time, there is almost always a “book and release” in the Jail which consists of a fingerprinting, photograph and being held in a cell until a natiowide background warrant check is completed. This is required for the conviction to count as a prior to enhance future offenses.  Public work or trash pickup on the highway and a seaqrch waiver are also often involved. 

There are lesser charges, even infractions that can be negotiated in many cases which can make a big difference in your record.  Christoph Law Offices can help you get the best resolution in your case, we have been located across from the Vista Courts for over 30 years and have represented hundreds clients for theft crimes.  Call 760-941-5720 for a free consultation.  

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