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Oceanside Harbor DUI Cases

Oceanside Harbor DUI cases are handled usually by the Oceanside Police Department.  The Oceanside Police Department now handles all law enforcement in the Oceanside Harbor area and they have taken over all Harbor Patrol duties.  There are several restaurants and bars in the Oceanside Harbor as well as the Oceanside Yacht Club and over 800 boats and RV camping sites.  The harbor is home to a number of activities and a great place to enjoy being on the water.  The fishing and water activities slow down considerably in the winter, and boating DUIs are less frequent.

The officers still must have probable cause to contact you for an Oceanside Harbor DUI, then if they notice symptoms of impairment or alcohol use, they have you perform field sobriety tests, preliminary breath test and if they feel you are impaired or .08 blood alcohol or more, they arrest and transport you to the Vista Jail for processing and the official breath or blood test.  If you do not make bail, you will see a Judge within three Court days for your arraignment and reconsideration of the bail based on your record and ties to the community.  If you bail on a misdemeanor, the bail is usually $2500 and you get an arraignment date about a month away.  If it is a felony DUI charge the bail can be as much as $100,000 or more and if you make bail, your arraignmment will be within a week.

Blood test results take about three weeks to get back from the crime lab.  Most cases will also have the DMV suspension notice which require action witin 10 days to try and save your license.  Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph have handled over 3,000 DUIs from the harbor and all of Southern California for over 30 years across from the Vista Courts and Jail.  Contact us for a free initial consultation @ 760-941-5720.

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