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Are Misdemeanor Sex Offenses in Vista registerable?

There are some registerable misdemeanor sex offenses.  Registration per California Penal Code 290 is a lifetime registration requirement for registration as a sex offender with local law enforcement.  However,  registration for misdemeanor sex offenses may be terminated after the offense is expunged and a Certificate of Rehabilitation is granted.  There are several registerable misdemeanor sex offenses but the most common registerable misdemeanors offenses are California Penal Code (P.C.) 314.1 commonly referred to as indecent exposure, and and Penal Code (P.C.) 647.6 misdemeanor annoying or molesting a child under 18.  Some of the most common misdemeanor sex offenses that are NOT registerable we see in Vista Courts are P.C. 647(b) solicitation of prostitution and P.C. 647(a) lewd act in public.

All of the registerable misdemeanor sex offenses are listed in P.C. 290.  Each of the offenses require specific intent to commit the crimes.  The code sections can be reviewed to see the required elements for each crime.  Generally, we see both “Johns” and prostitutes arrested for P.C. 647(b).  The P.C. 647(a) lewd act in public usually involves sexual behavior in public or open to public view, like in your car or other location open to public view.  Many time the District Attorney will also charge the registerable P.C. 314.1 along with the P.C. 647(a), but the proof requirement is much greater for the “indecent exposure” and therefore can often be dismissed or not proven at trial.

All sex offenses are very serious and can affect you for the rest of your life in your job, career, social relationships, immigration and many other aspects of your life.  Certainly registerable offenses that may also be on a sex offender website, can make life very difficult and embarassing.  It is very important that everything possible be done to try and avoid or minimize these offenses and penalties.  At Christoph Law Offices, we are experienced criminal defense attorneys and have been handling these type of offenses for over 30 years across from the Vista Courts.  Call us @ 760-941-5720 for a realistic appraisal and free consultation concerning your case.

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