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What Happens Driving on a DUI Suspended License in Vista?

Driving on a DUI suspended license in Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside or anywhere in California, results in significant penalties if you are stopped.  You may be stopped for an equipment violation, moving offense or even at a check point.  Once the officer contacts you, and runs your driver’s license, it will show suspended for a DUI case.  At that point, you are then asked to get out of your vehicle and if this is your first offense for driving on an alcohol or DUI supension, the vehicle gets impounded at the scene and held for 30 days.  It costs in excess of $1500 for the tow and impiound to get your car back.  Even if you are not the owner, the car will be impounded.  The owner can contact the law enforcement agency that impounded it and see if try to get it released, however, that is not successful very often. A second offense has much greater penalties and the possibility your car could be sold. 

In addition to the inconveinence and expense of having your car towed, you are also cited for a serious “Driving on a Suspended License” case with a future Court date.  There are several types of suspended license charges, the alcohol/DUI being the most serious.  Others include failure to appear in Court, negligent operator, or failure to pay fines etc.  California Vehicle Code 14601.2(a) basically states that no person shall drive with a suspended or revoked  license from a DUI if the person has knowledge of the suspension.  The penalties for a first offense include up to 3 years informal probation on condition you not drive without valid license and insurance, 10 days minimum jail to 6 months, up to $1000 fine, and 1-3 years of an interlock device (IID) required on any vehicle you drive.  The IID is required regardless whether you had alcohol in your system when pulled over for the suspended license and  a clean breath sample is necessary every time you start your car. 

The best advise is to obey the law and do not drive without valid license and insurance.  Christoph Law Offices have handled over 3000 DUIs and hundreds of suspended license cases over more than 30 years across from the Vista Courts.  There are a number of things that can be done in defense of these DUI suspended license cases which can result in dismissal, alternatve charges or minimized penalties.  Call for a free consultation 760-941-5720.

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