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What DUI Objective Symptoms do Oceanside CHP Look For?

DUI objectrive symptoms are those things the officer notices about the driver once he or she is pulled over.  All law enforcement officers, Oceanside CHP, local police and sheriffs, are trained to look for specific things including appearance, responses and actions of any driver who is stopped which would suggest any impairment by alcohol and/or drugs.  It is these DUI objective symptoms which trigger further investigation which includes getting out of the vehicle, taking field sobriety and chemical tests (blood or breath) and also support the "drunk driving" arrest and charges .

The DUI objective symptoms include odor of alcohol, bloodshot or watery eyes, slurred speech, slow deliberate movements or fumbling with wallet while looking for the drivers license, balance and coordination issues.  While there may be alternative explanations for some some of these things considered individually, when looked at together in context with the driving, field sobriety tests and chemical tests, they can show impairment and become an important confirmation of the officers opinion when these charges are reviewed for filing or going to trial.

The objective symptoms continue to be observed during the entire contact and and the officer takes notes which ultimately get included in the reports.  Experienced DUI Defense attorneys know the issues and how to address the evidence in negotiations or in trial.  Christoph Law Offices have been located across from Vista Courts and handled over 3000 DUI cases over more than 30 years.  Call for a free consultaion 760-941-5720 and get a realistic appraisal and evaluation.

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