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Prostitution Cases in Carlsbad and Oceanside

Prostitution cases in North County are prosecuted in Vista Courts.  These cases  are usually the result of an undercover police sting.  This means an officer is either an undercover  “john” or an undercover prostitute.  Prostitution offenses are defined by California Penal Code section 647(b).  It requires a solicitaion or agreement for an act of prostitution and an act in furtherance of that agreement.  That act could be a payment, or meeting at an agreed location.  The circumstances of the contact and agreement determine what if any act is done in furtherance of the agreement of sex for money

Carlsbad police routinely run a female internet ad on line for services clearly implying sex for money.  An agreement is made, when the “john” shows up at the motel, pays the money, officers come out of the bathroom and make the arrest.  The phone calls and contact are usually recorded.  Oceanside used to run an undercover female police officer as a streetwalker wearing a wire and conduct similar busts.  Sometimes we even see undercover male officers go to massage parlors and check on available services.  People from all walks of life and professions can be involved in this offense, for all kinds of different reasons. Many societies have legalized prostitution with medical cards, and regulations that address many of the issues illegal prostitution spawns.

In California, it is a misdemeanor which can carry up to 6 months jail and $ 1000 fine.  Entrapment may be an issue, but the police try to set up there stings so that they can avoid it.  Most people arrested for this charge are incredibly embarrassed and do not want to take these cases to trial, but want them handled discreetly and resolved in the best way possible to get the best result and keep it off their record if possible.  There are a number of things that can be done even if there is no defense.  Contact attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph at Christoph Law Offices who have handled hundreds of these cases over more than 30 years across from Vista Courts.  Call 760-941-5720 for a free consultation.   

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