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What is Vista DUI Bail?

Vista DUI bail for a misdemeanor is $ 2500.00.  It is $ 100,000 for a felony DUI with injury.  Many cases have bail reduced at the first appearance if the facts and individual’s ties to the community show they will appear.  An OR (own recogizance) release is release on your signature guarantee, no money and maybe available after arraignment.  The first appearance is within 3 business days of the arrest, but some people do not want to wait.  If you can post the cash bail, the money will be returned to you after the case is resolved.  It guarantees your appearance.  If you fail to appear, the bail is forfeited and a warrant for your arrest goes out for a much greater amount because the $2500.00 was not enough to guarantee your appearance.  The DUI bail can be reinstated and is not totally gone for good if you turn yourself in or are picked up within 6 months of the forfeiture.  Bail Bond companies are insurance companies that post a premium guaranteeing your appearance or they pay the amount of the bond if it is forfeited.

Bail bonds charge 10% of the value of the bond for the cost of using their money.  Many will even do 8%, especially if you hire an attorney before court or are military.  Some of them even take payments on the premium.  If there is a default, the people who post the bond are liable for the entire amount.  There can also be fees if there is a forfeiture or bounty hunter hired to find you.  Bond companies request you notify them after each appearance so they can track their bonds, and notify them when they are off the bond at the end of the case.  Most bondsman require collateral or ability to pay in case of default.  There is no refund if no charges are filed, you hire them to get you out, once you are out they earned their premium. 

Once DUI bail is posted, it may take 6-12 hours to be released.  There has to be a nationwide warrant check completed and it takes time to process the paperwork and release of the person.  Nicholas and William Christoph of Christoph Law Offices have practiced DUI and Criminal Defense for over 30 years across from the Vista Courthouse and have helped hundreds of people to get released on OR or lower bails at the arraignment as well as helping them arrange bail.  For a free consultation, call 760-941-5720.

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