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DUI Restricted Licenses for Vista DUI Cases are Available

There are DUI restricted licenses available for Vista DUI convictions or DMV findings of driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or more for persons 21 and older.  Theconviction or DMV finding triggers a 4 month license suspension on a first offense which may be converted to a one month suspension and a 5 month restriction after serving the a 30 day suspension.  This restriction allows the person to drive to and from, and in the course of their employment, and to and from any Court ordered programs.  To get the restriction, drivers have to be signed up for the DUI program, have an SR-22 insurance acknowlegement on file and go to the DMV to pay $ 125 reinstatement fee.  DMV will check to make sure the program and insurance info has been received before issuing DUI restricted licenses.

Under 21s suffer a one year mandatory license suspension, but may be able to get a “critical need” license during that year after serving 30 days of the suspension.  The “critical need” license is like the DUI restricted licenses for the over 21 drivers.  The application needs to be signed by their school and work, and their must not be reasonable public transportation available.  The actual application and criteria is available on line on the California DMV site.

Even second offenders may be eligible for a restriction after 90 days of suspension.  There are different requirements, including an interlock device on the vehicle which requires a breath sample before the car will start.  Not all second offenders may qualify for the restriction.  It depends on whether they were still on probation for their first offense at the time of the new arrest, what DMV administrative suspension was odered.  Call Christoph Law Offices located across from Vista Courts at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation and information concerning your eligibiltiy and requirements for a DUI restricted license.  We have handled over 3000 Vista DUIs, helping North County residents for over 30 years and are located across from Vista Courts.

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