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What Record Clean Up can be done for an Oceanside Case?

     Record clean up of your Oceanside case includes several options depending on your record.   You can expunge most misdemeanors and felonies in Vista Courts unless you received a prison sentence.  There are a few misdemeanors and felonies that cannot be expunged under any circumstance including some sex related felonies.  Felony records where there was a prison sentence can be improved with a Certificate of Rehabilitation or Pardon.   A Certificate of Rehab must be filed downtown San Diego and also acts as a pardon application, but pardons are rarely granted.  Many felonies where probation was  granted, can be reduced to misdemeanors after probation and expunged at the same time.  This reduction to a misdemeanor alone is extremely valuable, as you would no longer have a felony  record  and may be allowed to possess firearms depending on the charges reduced.   If there is a good reason to terminate your probation early, we can also file for early termination and expungement.

     Expungements do not terminate sex registration under California Penal Code 290, but are an important step towards a certificate of Rehabilitation which can terminate some sex registration requirements on some misdemeanor sex related charges.  Unlike an expungement, you cannot even apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation until after a waiting period that can be years and varies with the type of offense.  You cannot seal an adult conviction record, so Reduction to Misdemeanors of many felonies, Expungements and Certificates of Rehabilitation are the only tools you have to minimize and overcome the impact of misdemeanor or felony.   Christoph Law offices have been cleaning up records for over 30 years.  Contact us @ 760-941-5720  for a free review of your situation.