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Why hire a local Vista Criminal Defense Attorney

     Local Vista Criminal Defense attorneys practice mostly in the Vista Courts and other San Diego County Courts.  While criminal law is the same throughout the state of California, each jurisdiction can be different in the way cases are handled.  Even within a County, cases can be treated diffrerently in the way they are negotiated.  There are four courthouses in San Diego County; north county – Vista, central downtown – San Diego, east county – El Cajon and south county – Chula Vista.

     The Judicial system trys to have some consistency in the way cases are handled and resolved, but each case is slightly different in the facts, people involved, and other circumstances.  Two people charged with the same crime with similar facts may not have the exact same result, so it is difficult to compare what happened on a DUI in Orange County and how your case may be resolved in North County.

     The importance of a local Vista Criminal Defense attorney is that he or she knows how the case is going to proceed, what Judges and District Attorneys will be available on the “conveyor belt of justice” and when to get off.  Even local attorneys vary in experience and their realtionships with Judges and prosecutors and this can also make a difference. Criminal cases are all handled by the same District Attorney’s Office, except misdemeanors in the City of San Diego are prosecuted by the City Attorney’s Office.  The San Diego City Attorney handles some types of cases differently than the D.A.  Each courthouse may also have some variations on settlements and sentencing.  Each Judge may treat cases differently than another Judge, even in the same courthouse.  That is why local knowledge can be so important.

     Christoph Law Offices have been located directly across the street from the Vista Courthouse for over 30 years.  Nicholas and William Christoph have handled only DUI and Criminal Defense in Vista and San Diego Courts and know the local Courts.  They have a good relationship with the Courts and have dealt with local Judges, prosecutors, Court personnel and law enforcement on a daily basis for over 30 years.  For a realistic evaluation and free consultation, call 760-941-5720

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