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Vista Embezzlement cases often involve employee theft

     Vista embezzlement cases involve the theft of property intrusted to a person by that person.  The most common type is the theft from an employer by an employee.  It could be stealing money from the cash register, stealing merchandise, or a sophisticated bookeeping and check fraud theft.  Cases in Vista Courts involve cases that take place in North County.  California penal code section 503 et seq defines embezzlement as the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom its been intrusted.

     Sometimes these thefts are discovered relatively quickly because of surveillance video or audits, and sometimes they go on for years.  The staute of limitations to file charges for an embezzlement is 3 years from the discovery of the theft.  Restitution, as in any theft case, is extremely important in resolving cases where there is no real defense.  Additionally, the reason for the theft and the defendants background can be very important.  Someone who stole funds for a life saving operation for their child will be treated better than someone who stole money to buy a fancy car.

     Embezzlement is a felony but also can be reduced to a misdemeanor.  It is a theft and can effect the rest of your life as far as employment, educational opportunities, immigration, security clearances and governmental occupational licenses like real estate sales, teaching credential etc.  There are often many factors involved in these case and it is important to know what matters in defending these cases and in settlement negotiations.  Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph have over 30+ years doing exclusively criminal defense in Vista Courts handling these type of cases.  Call 760-941-5720 for as free realistic appraisal and consultation.

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