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Escondido Credit Card Fraud Cases are filed in Vista Courts

     Just like most north county criminal cases, Escondido credit card fraud cases are filed by the north county branch of the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.  These cases involve fraudulent card card use.  They usually involve the use of stolen credit cards by unauthorized users, sometimes just the credit card information is used buy merchandise on line.   Escondido credit card fraud cases are investigated by the Escondido police or the law enforcement agency where the fraud occurrs. 

     Many times the user of the stolen credit card is caught at the point of purchase when the card comes back stolen.  Usually there is store video or the store clerk stalls the transaction until law enforcement is contacted and arrives to make the arrest.  More sophisticated credit card fraud involves actually using the personal information of an individual to get a credit card in their name.  Sometimes they will also go to DMV and fill out a lost driver’s license form and get a new license with their picture and the other person’s name on the license.  Clearly this then becomes a more sophisticated crime and is harder to catch.  In most cases the fraudulent user is also charged with identity theft.

     Credit card fraud is a crime of moral turpitude and a felony punishable by up to 3 years prison.  It can also be reduced to a misdemeanor.  Restitution for any loss is very important in trying to settle these cases and getting lesser charges, penalties or ultimately getting the charges reduced to a misdemeanor.  Christoph Law Offices have been handling hundreds of these cases over the last 30+ years of practicing exclusively Criminal Defense in North County and the Vista Courts.  Call 760-941-5720 for a free consultation and let us help you get the best resolution possible in your case.

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