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Drug Offenses involving Heroin are on the rise in Vista Courts

     Drug offenses involving heroin are on the rise in Vista Courts.  It is a result of it being relatively inexpensive and available from Mexico.  It is one of the most addictive and destructive illegal drugs in the world.  It is extremely difficult to beat an addiction to the drug and relapses are common.  Addicts will do and say anything to get the drug, committing various crimes to feed their habit. Withdrawal can be painful and have severe physical symtoms like pain, diahrea, vomiting, convulsions, muscle and bone.  There are detox programs where heroin addicts are given a daily substitute opiate, methodaone and they can function.  There are other drugs which help detox like suboxone and vivatrol.

     The drug can destroy the heart lining, liver and kidneys, not to mention death from an overdose.  Addicts build up a tolerance and need increased dosage for the same effect.  It can be smoked, ingested or injected.  Injection creates the greates and quickest rush.  Ultimately it leads to collapsed veins, and can lead to infections, hepatitis and HIV/Aids with the use of dirty needles.  Heroin not only destroys the life of the user, but those closest to them as many loved ones spend their life savings and devote their time to trying to save a loved one.

     Possession of Heroin is a non-reducible felony and one of the more serious drug offenses prosecuted.  It cannot be made a misdemeanor.  If convicted, in addition to possible jail or prison, it requires yearly registration as a narcotics offender with local police for the period of probation or parole.  It aslo can make you ineligible for certain government assitance programs as well as student loans.  There are alternatives to a conviction even if there is no defense.  As long as it is possession for personal use and not sales or possession for sale. A first offender may be eligible for a diversion program where they complete a program and stay clean and arrest free for 18 months.  Then the charge is dismissed without a conviction.   There are other programs like Prop 36 and Drug Court also available to the user depending on program eligibility.

Christoph Law Offices have helped hundreds of people who have been charged with drug offenses over than 30 years.  Located across from the Vista Courts, they are available for a free consultation by calling 760-941-5720.



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