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Does a Marine’s Oceanside DUI effect him on base?

An Oceanside DUI or any civilian DUI can have significant consequences for a Marine on Base or at his Command.  A driving under the influence conviction can be a career ender for staff NCOs and Officers.  Even junior enlisted personnel may not be re-enlisted.  If the command is aware of the offense, you can loose your base driving privilege for one year, have promotions, schools or orders cancelled.  Additionally, junior enlisted usually face NJP (non judicial punishment) which can include loss of a stripe, forfeiture of some pay and allowances and restriction to base.

The Command usually finds out about it one of three ways, you tell them, you miss work because you are in jail (unauthorized absence UA), or you give a military address when booked at the jail and the Marine liason picks it up on the blotter.  Junior enlisted may be able to recover from a conviction and still have a career.  It gets harder the more senior you are.   Marines are America’s pride and joy, they deploy for long periods of time in combat zones and when they return they want to party.  They are given lectures and safety stand downs to impress on them the danger of drinking and driving.  Unfortunately, some forget in the excitement of being back home.  The service of these Marines can be a factor, which depending on the circumstances, may justify additional consideration in negotiating settlement in their cases. 

Having been a Marine Corps Captain, William Christoph knows the unique issues that face military personnel on base with an off base DUI charge.  He and his son Nicholas know what needs to be done to get the best resolution possible for military personnel.  With over 30 years in the same location across from Vista Courts and having handled over 3000 DUIs, call Christoiph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation and evaluation 

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