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What is Carlsbad DUI Arrest Booking Procedure?

     When arrested for a DUI in Carlsbad, your car is generally towed and you are taken to the Vista Jail for official breath or blood tests and booking.  You are held for several hours in a “holding cell” until the booking procedure is completed and bail is set.  There is access to a phone in that cell, and if you arrange bail to be posted, you will be released usually with 4-8 hours of posting.

     If bail is not posted, then you will be dressed out in jail clothes and taken to a housing MOD where you will remain until your first Court date which will be within 3 Court days.  Then a Judge could release you on a lesser bail or (OR) on your signature instead of posting a bond.   Phones are available for collect calls and arrangements can be made for a phone card by friends or relatives so you have money in a phone account for calls.  Every call is monitored and recorded and so are conversations in the visiting area, so cases should not be discussed because the D.A. has acces to those conversations.  Attorney visits and calls to an attorney registered with the jail are not recorded.

     First offense misdemeanor DUIs have a bail of $ 2500 and Felony DUI bail is $100,000, the bail fee for a bondsman to post the bail is 8% to 10% depending on the policies of the individual bail bond company.  That bond fee for the bond is paid regardless of whether charges are filed.  You can also post the bail amount in full and it will be returned to whoever posted it 4-6 weeks after the case is over so long as all the appearances have been made.  Christoph Law Offices have over 30 years experience and have handled over 3000+ DUIs in North County and can advise and assist you from the initial arrest until the case is closed.  Call for a free initial consultation 760-941-5720.

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