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Is Expungement of an old Oceanside Drug Offense possible?

     Expungement of an old Oceanside or any North County Drug Offense is possible.  It depends on the sentence in the drug case. If it was a misdemeanor, you can almost always have a misdemeanor expunged especially if you successfully completed probation. You may also get an expungement for nearly all felony drug convictions as long as you did not go to State Prison and completed probation.   An additional requirement is that you not have any pending cases or be on probation on any other case.

     Many felony drug charges may also be reduced to misdemeanors and expunged so you will not have a felony record. Possession for sale, transportation and possession of some controlled substances may not be reduced to misdemeanors, but still may be expunged if you completed probation.  There are other ways to improve your record if you did go to State Prison, call us about a Certificate of Rehabilitation.  There is something that can be done for every case. 

     If you have questions concerning your individual record, how it can be cleaned up, whether or not your convictions can be reduced to misdemeanors and whether you are eligible for an expungement, contact Attorney Nicholas or William Christoph at Christoph Law offices across from the Vista Courts for a free consultation and evaluation of your personal situation. We have over 30+ years experience cleaning up records for people. If you have an old drug offense in Oceanside or anywhere in North San Diego County, contact the Christoph Law Offices for a free initial consultation at 760-941-5720.