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Securing insurance after a DUI in California

It is possible to get auto insurance after a DUI in California. The right information, being proactive and some hard work can speed things up.

After getting a DUI in California, you already have enough to deal with without worrying about your current auto insurance provider dropping you. Rather than wonder or wait for this to happen, it is best you take a proactive approach and educate yourself on securing and maintaining auto insurance with a DUI on your record.

You are now a high-risk driver

Insurance companies now consider you a high-risk driver. Essentially, this means you will pay a lot more in insurance premiums and that you may have to settle for special high-risk coverage. You also need to consider whether you were a high-risk driver before your DUI.

Specific factors insurance companies consider while determining your rate, no matter if you have a DUI or not, include your age, the type of car you drive, your current address and how many/what kind of driving infractions you have on your record. Bear this information in mind as you explore your options for coverage.

You are better off getting several different quotes

Just as you probably did before getting a DUI, you want to shop around and get different quotes from different insurance providers. That way, you have a well-rounded idea of the range of quotes you can expect as someone with a DUI. Even if your current insurance provider does not drop you as a customer, it may be possible for you to get a better deal from a different company while maintaining similar coverage to what you have now.

You will probably need to fill out an SR-22 form

Go ahead and print out and fill out an SR-22 form. With this form, you have proof you have the necessary insurance coverage to drive in California. You can also expect to have to pay an SR-22 fee, the price of which depends on your specific insurance provider. Work with a legal professional to secure the form and ensure you fill it out correctly.

You can take steps to reduce the cost of DUI insurance

Before you despair and feel stuck with sky-high insurance rates as a result of your DUI, there are things you can do to whittle down the cost. For one thing, look into taking a defensive driving course. You may also be able to save if you bundle your auto insurance with another insurance policy with the same company. Before you agree to coverage with a specific provider, ask if you qualify for any other discounts that remain on the table.

Having the right auto insurance is vital after receiving a DUI in California. Work with a legal professional who specializes in DUIs to fully understand coverage requirements and how you may reduce your policy costs as much as possible.

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