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How to keep friends from driving drunk in California

Keep your friend safe and the good times going by learning what to do to keep those closest to you from driving drunk.

It can be sheer joy to spend time with friends enjoying each other’s company and share a few drinks. That being said, there are times when friends can overindulge with alcohol and attempt to drive home afterward. To avoid the risks of an accident, an unnecessary run-in with the California authorities and the consequences that follows a DUI, there are a few things that can be done to keep friends from driving home drunk.

Drive your friend home

If you have not been drinking alcohol, you can simply volunteer to drive your friend home. Depending on where you chose to drink, you will likely be able to leave your friend’s car at the establishment. Business owners would much rather your friend leave his or her car on the premises than risk anyone being in an accident which could result in tragedy. Additionally, you could arrange ahead of time for someone with you to be a “designated driver”, not drink alcohol, and drive you home.

Offer food

Food, as well as the passage of time, are good ways to help someone sober up. On an empty stomach, your alcohol level goes up faster and higher than on a full stomach. If you know there is a good chance your friend will overindulge, try to get her or him to eat as the night goes on and to slow down. This and the passage of time can lower the blood alcohol level and reduce the effects. However, depending on how much you drank, it is almost impossible to know if you are safe to drive just because you ate something and waited a while after having alcohol. It is best not to drive if you have been drinking, even though you may feel fine, you still may be impaired.

Pay for a ride

If there is a taxi or ridesharing service such as Lyft or Uber in the area, offer to pay for a ride for your friend. This not only is the one of the safest options, it is relatively inexpensive especially in comparison to the alternative. Additionally, other public transportation is a great option.

Take your friend’s keys

Sometimes, you have to be a bit aggressive with your friends if they insist they are fine to drive home when they clearly are not. In such situations, you may have no choice but to take your friend’s keys, no matter how upset she or he might be. The anger directed at you is sure to be worth it compared to potentially losing your friend or having him or her experience the guilt and consequences of accidentally injuring someone due to drunken driving.

Even though the above suggestions can most certainly help anyone avoid a DWI or DUI in California, your friend might slip past you, drive home drunk and be pulled over. Should this scenario occur, it is important for your friend to consult with a lawyer.

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