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DUI crackdowns can increase the chance of arrest

A DUI conviction can not only result in severe criminal penalties but may also have lasting future consequences for careers, employment, vocational licensing, security clearances, immigration and much more. Additionally, the chance of being arrested and charged with a DUI appears to be increasing. Law enforcement agencies often increase DUI patrols during holiday weekends or major events. For example, ABC 10 reports that law enforcement officers around San Diego County took part in a DUI crackdown during the recent San Diego County Fair. Crackdowns can include DUI checkpoints and additional officers on patrol.

The DUI checkpoints also coincided with the 7th Annual San Diego International Beer Competition. This event allowed individuals who paid an entrance fee to sample beers from several different states and countries. Police officers issued a news release announcing the crackdown shortly before the scheduled event to deter DUIs.

Crackdowns or checkpoints are common in certain states, such as California. DUI checkpoints, which are sometimes referred to as sobriety checkpoints or roadside safety checks, are specifically set up to stop vehicles on the road in order to screen drivers for possible impairment. These crackdowns and checkpoints are commonly utilized during times where drinking may be more prevalent, such as holidays, special events, festivals or major sporting events.

States that choose to engage in DUI crackdowns, such as California, usually publicize the dates, times and general area that the crackdowns or checkpoints are taking place in an attempt to deter individuals from driving while intoxicated. Also, there are a number of requirements in many states, including publication, for a legal DUI checkpoint to be set up by law enforcement agencies. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in DUI cases being dismissed. If you are arrested for a DUI, you should contact a DUI attorney to review your case for possible issues that can result in dismissal, reduced charges or lesser penalties.

Crackdowns may increase the chance of arrest

The use of sobriety checkpoints and other crackdown methods increase the chance that a person is stopped during holidays and different events. Presently, the blood alcohol limit in California is 0.08 percent, and .01 for drivers under age 21. Additionally, an individual who registers a BAC of 0.15 percent or higher may be charged with an enhancement which can increase penalties. People are even arrested if they are .05 or above if it appears they are impaired by alcohol and/or a drug.

A person who is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving faces serious consequences if convicted. A driver convicted of a DUI in California faces a potential 6 month driver’s license suspension, and large fines, programs, possible ignition interlock device, vehicle impound and even jail or public work. Where there are prior convictions within 10 years, injuries or refusal to take chemical tests for drugs or alcohol, penalties and suspensions are significantly increased.

These serious consequences highlight the importance of having an experienced DUI attorney review your case for defenses and mitigating factors that can result in dismissal, lesser charges or lesser penalties.

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