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When is a felony reduction to a misdemeanor available?

A felony reduction to a misdemeanor is possible for most felonies.  California Penal Code (PC) 17(b) outlines when a felony reduction to a misdemanor is possible.  A felony is any charge that is punishable by imprisonment in state prison or county jail under a PC 1170(h) commitment.  A felony that can be reduced to a misdemeanor states that it is also punishable by imprisonment in county jail up to one year.  If the punishment for the crime does not indicate specifically that it is punishable by county jail up to one year, then it is non-reducible.  Most charges can still be expunged if there was no prison commit or a certificate of rehabilitation may be available if there was a prison commit.

Vista Felony Reduction Means No Felony Record

Felony reduction to a misdemeanor is one of the best things you can do to help clean up your record in Vista Courts or any Court in California.  Once reduced, you are considered never to have had a feloiny and may be eligible to even own a firearm again.   Nearly every felony that is punishable by up to 1 year in county jail as well as a possible state prison sentence can be reduced to a misdemeanor.  At the same time you request the reduction, you may request expuyngement of the offense if you are no longer on probation. 

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