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DUI Restricted License Requirements for a North County DUI

A DUI restricted license for a North County DUI or California DUI, requires you go to the DMV, have no other active suspensions, have your insurance company file an SR-22 with DMV, have the DUI program file proof of enrollment in the program and pay $125 reinstatement fee to DMV.  If you lost your license from DMV for being .08 Blood Alcohol (B.A.) level or more, you have a 4 month suspension which can be converted to a one month suspension and 5 month restriction after the one month license suspension is served.

It is the DUI Season in San Diego

The DUI season in San Diego is the Christmas and New Year Holiday season every year.  It is a perfect storm of holiday parties, football season, and Christmas vacations.  Holiday "cheer" is often synonomous with imbibing alcoholic spirits, whether it is that Christmas Egg Nog of grannys, or the New Year's Eve Kamikaze....and the attitude "I'm not that drunk, I can make it home,"  which results in a DUI or accident with injuries or death and the end of life as you know it.  Your dreams, your career, your family can all be destroyed in the blink of an eye.  There is no excuse for it, there are alternatives to drinking and driving.

Do DUI Out of State Prior Convictions Count in Vista?

A DUI out of state prior conviction may count as a prior in Vista or anywhere in California if you get a new offense.  The DUI out of state prior must have the same elements as a California DUI conviction and have occurred within 10 years of the latest offense.  If it fits the criteria, then the California DUI now is punishable the same as if the prior happened here and makes the DUI here a second or third or whatever it number is.  The penalties and driver license suspensions increase significantly for each qualifying prior.

What Carlsbad DUI Evidence is Available in Court?

DUI evidence available in Court from the District Attorney (D.A.) from any arrest, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, San Marcos or anywhere includes all the evidence the D.A. has in their possession.  Police reports are officers statements about the driving, the probable cause for the initial contact, observations, field sobriety tests, field breath tests, blood draw info, interrogation answers and official breath or blood tetst and results.  Attached to the reports are the criminal and DMV record for the arrestee.  Depending on the arresting agency, there may also be MVARS or video and audio of the stop.  

Are San Marcos DUI arrests by Campus Police legal?

DUI arrests by Cal State San Marcos University Police are legal, they usually make the stop and arrest within in the University area.  City Police, County Sheriffs, California State University police and CHP are all state peace officers and can make stops and arrests anywhere in the state.  However, University police have their primary jurisdiction around the University area, but are state peace officers and authorized to make arrests in anywhere California.

What are Vista DUI Negotiation Factors?

There are basically 5 Vista DUI negotiation factors cosidered in settlement conferences for "driving under the influence" cases in Vista Courts.  These factors are in additon to unique considerations which may vary from individual to individual like a person's background or other consequences of a conviction.  The five factors are: attitude with the officer, dangerousness of the driving, field sobriety tests, prior record and lastly the blood alcohol level which carries the most weight.