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The Equifax Breach and Credit Card Fraud

Last year in December we wrote about how credit card fraud and identity theft cases tend to increase around the holidays, and that we often see more of these cases in Vista courts. As we head into the final months of 2017, the story will likely be the same.

Identity theft and Credit Card Fraud are often linked

Credit card fraud and identity theft are often linked.  Credit card fraud generally occurrs in one of two ways.  Either someone unlawfully uses the personal information to get a credit card unlawfully in another person's name and then uses that credit card, or gets a stolen credit card and then gets false identity documentation in the name on the stolen cardholder in order to use it.

Escondido Credit Card Fraud Cases are filed in Vista Courts

     Just like most north county criminal cases, Escondido credit card fraud cases are filed by the north county branch of the San Diego County District Attorney's Office.  These cases involve fraudulent card card use.  They usually involve the use of stolen credit cards by unauthorized users, sometimes just the credit card information is used buy merchandise on line.   Escondido credit card fraud cases are investigated by the Escondido police or the law enforcement agency where the fraud occurrs. 

What is Identity Theft in Vista Courts?

     Identity theft is the use of another individual's personal information for an unlawful purpose like getting credit, goods or services etc. without the consent of that person.  Even giving someone else's name when arrested can be identity theft.  Often this charge is also filed on credit card  and check fraud cases where someone is using a stolen credit card or attempting to cash a stolen check.