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What happens with a petty theft in Vista Courts?

Petty theft cases are misdemeanors which are defined as thefts of $950 or less in value.  These charges can carry possible serious consequences not only in penalties but also impact employment, careers, professional licensing, security clearances, education, immigration and other important aspects of an individual's life.  Most petty thefts are shoplifting cases and involve the stealing of merchandise from a store.  The penalties can include possible custody or alternatives up to 6 months and fines up to $1000 depending on the facts of the case, individuals background, prior record, sophistication and other considerations.   

What happens with a petty theft cite at Carlsbad Walmart?

If you are stopped for petty theft by store security at the Carlsbad Walmart, loss prevention or store security will escort you to the office.  They will seize the property they believe is stolen and try to get you to admit or explain what you have done.  They will then write a report, call Carlsbad Police and have you cited or arrested depending on the circumstances.  If you have no record and the theft  or shoplifting is clerly $950 or less, and there is no evidence you decided to do this before entering the store (burglary) you will be cited for a misdemeanor petty theft and given a Court date about 30 days later.  If there is eveidence of a burglary, you will be arrested and taken to jail, bail set and Court within 3 Court days.  A misdemeanor does carry the potential for custody and can really negatively affect your future.

Is a Prescription Drug DUI the same as an alcohol DUI in Vista?

      A prescription drug DUI is treated the same as an alcohol DUI in Vista Courts.   The purpose of the "drunk driving" laws is to keep impaired drivers off the road as they pose a danger to other drivers and pedestrians.  Just because you have a prescription doesn't mean you are not impaired for purposes of driving if the drug effects your perception, judgement, reflexes and other mental and physical abilities required in driving a motor vehicle.  A prescription drug DUI is included in the California Vehicle Code section 23152(a) which states it is illegal to drive under the infliuence of alchol and/or a drug.

Vista Embezzlement cases often involve employee theft

     Vista embezzlement cases involve the theft of property intrusted to a person by that person.  The most common type is the theft from an employer by an employee.  It could be stealing money from the cash register, stealing merchandise, or a sophisticated bookeeping and check fraud theft.  Cases in Vista Courts involve cases that take place in North County.  California penal code section 503 et seq defines embezzlement as the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom its been intrusted.

Why hire a local Vista Criminal Defense Attorney

     Local Vista Criminal Defense attorneys practice mostly in the Vista Courts and other San Diego County Courts.  While criminal law is the same throughout the state of California, each jurisdiction can be different in the way cases are handled.  Even within a County, cases can be treated diffrerently in the way they are negotiated.  There are four courthouses in San Diego County; north county - Vista, central downtown - San Diego, east county - El Cajon and south county - Chula Vista.

Oceanside Petty Theft has Serious Consequences in Vista Courts

     Most petty theft cases in Oceanside and all of North County, involve the theft of merchandise from a store but may involve any theft where the value of the stolen property is $ 950 or less.  Petty theft from a store is commonly referred to as "shoplifting". If the theft does not exceed $ 50 in value, the District Attorney has discretion to file the charge as an infraction with a fine only penalty.   A 4th offense may be charged as a felony, it used to be a 2nd offense could have been charged as a felony only a couple of years ago. While the penalty for a petty theft carries potential jail time, probation, fines, search waiver classes and restitution, many times we can resolve these cases with lesser charges or penalties which also minimizes the future impact of any conviction.

Vista Court DUI cases are from all over North County

     The Vista Court DUI cases come from arrests all over incorporated and unincorpaorated areas of North San Diego County.  The main population areas include Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Fallbrook, Valley Center, Carlsbad, Enciinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Leucadia, Cardiff and even Ocotillo Wells off road areas.  South of Escondido, Rancho Bernardo and Poway,  arrests go downtown San Diego, as do Del Mar and south arrests.  Camp Pendleton Cases on the base, go to downtown Federal Court for Civilians.

On a DUI in Vista Courts, can an Attorney appear for me?

     An attorney can make all of your appearances on a misdemeanor DUI in Vista Courts and throughout California for you.  A misdemeanor is a first, second or third offense within 10 years.  The bail or bond will continue on the case as long as an appearance is made by the defendant or an attorney.  Family members or friends cannot appear for you, only an attorney or yourself can appear.  Failure to appear results in a forfeiture of bail or bond and a warrant for your arrest.  Additionally, it can cause a driver's license suspension and possibly additional charges for failure to appear.

Domestic Violence Cases in Vista Courts

     Domestic Violence cases in North County are handled at the Vista Courthouse.  They usually involve some physical touching of a spouse or someone you have had a dating relationship with.  Most of the time there is a 911 call which triggers a police response.  DV or Domestic Violence calls can be very dangerous for everyone involved, including the police.  Tempers are hot, emotions are high and there could children, alcohol or weapons involved.   Police upon arrival will separate the parties, investigate the incident and almost always arrest one of the parties they believe to be the aggressor regardless if the "victim" wants them arrested or not.  Domestic violence arrests can be for felony spousal abuse with an injury or misdemeanor spousal battery without an injury.  There can be other charges like vandalism if property is destroyed.

What happens after a Vista DUI arrest in Court?

     After an arrest for DUI in North County, which includes the major population areas of Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Fallbrook, Carlsbad, and Encinitas, the police reports are forwarded to the North San Diego County District Attorney's Office in Vista for issuing.  If the person arrested is still in custody, they must appear in Court within 3 Court days, if released on bail the first Court date is usually set off 30 days on a misdemeanor and 7 days on a felony DUI.