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An Expungement in Vista Courts

An Expungement in Vista Courts is available to help clean up you record.  Most misdemeanors and many felonies are able to be dismissed for most purposes after conviction provided you meet the criteria of California Penal Code (PC) 1203.4 and 1203.4a.  This is a valuable remedy that should be taken advantage of by anyone if the conviction will in any way hinder their future.

Expungements Can Help Clean Up Your Record for Employment

Expungements in California refer to California Penal Code 1203.4 et seq. and can help clean up your record in many ways, including employment.  An expungement in California is the withdrawal of a guilty plea and dismissal of the case for most purposes per California Penal Code 1203.4 et al.  It is available on infractions, most misdemeanors and many felony convictions where there was no prison commit.  The motion to expunge is filed, served on the D.A. and a Court hearing date can usually be set in 4-6 weeks in Vista Courts.

How does an Expungement dismissal clean my record?

An Expungement dismissal in California is a way to clean your record for most cases where you received probation and did not get a prison commit.  There are a few types of charges which may not be expunged, however, most misdemeanors and felonies may be expunged.  An expungement is a request to the Court to set aside your conviction, withdraw your guilty plea, enter a "not guilty" and dismiss the case.  You cannot seal an adult record, but the database will indicate the charge was dismissed per California Penal Code (PC) 1203.4 or 1203.4(a), and it should not show up on most criminal background checks. Your DMV printout will still continue show any Vehicle Code violation but indicatedismissed per 1203.4. You can also expunge infractions.

Does an Expungement really clean up my criminal record?

An Expungement per California Penal Code (PC) 1203.4 really does clean up your record.  It allows you to withdraw your guilty plea and dismiss your case and the record will indicate case dismissed per PC 1203.4.  It also cannot be considered in most instances, if it is expunged, for employment purposes including hiring, promotion or termination per California Labor Code section 432.7.  Additionally, you cannot be asked to disclose an expunged offense nor can employer seek information concerning the conviction from any source.

Record Clean Up By Reducing Drug Charges to Misdemeanors

Criminal record clean up may have a new tool available soon.  New legislation pending in Sacramento will help drug offenders clean up their records and allow them to reduce felony drug charges to misdemeanors.  Some  possession for personal use of drugs like heroin and cocaine have been non-reducible felony drug charges.  This meant they could never be reduced to a misdemeanor if you were convicted.  You could expunge them, but that does not do away with all the issues of a felony conviction, it is like a good behavior dismissal if you successfully completed probation.  You could not possess a firearm, and still had the stigma of a felony record.  If passed, record clean up for drugs like heroin and cocaine could include reduction to misdemeanors.

Certificate of Rehabilitation improves San Diego Felony Records

     A Certificate of Rehabilitation for San Diego County felony convictions does enhance a felons employment possibilities and potential state board occupational licensing. Penal Code section 4852 et seq are the code sections that deal with the Certificate of Rehabilitation and is available even if you went to State Prison. Most misdemeanor sex offenses or sex offenses that could be reduced to misdemeanors may also allow the termination of lifetime sexual registration per P.C. 290 with the granting of this certificate.  This can be a very important option when considering what can be done to show that you have turned your life around.   It is surprising to see how few people actually apply for this relief. 

Expungement of your Carlsbad criminal record can be helpful

     Expungement of your Carlsbad criminal record at the Vista Courts, can help minimize its impact on any background check or application for employment, education and licensing.  It is definitely a positive that it was expunged over just leaving it as a conviction.  It shows you care about your record.  While you may have made a mistake, you completed probation and a Court authorized the dismissal.   Expungement is explained in California Penal Code 1203.4 et seq,   It is available for most misdemeanors and felonies.  An expungement dismissal is available after probation is completed or after 1 year if there was no probation.   It has some limitations but does help minimize the impact of a conviction.  You cannot seal an adult record, it will show the charge dismissed per the section P.C. 1203.4.   There are also other benefits.

What Record Clean Up can be done for an Oceanside Case?

     Record clean up of your Oceanside case includes several options depending on your record.   You can expunge most misdemeanors and felonies in Vista Courts unless you received a prison sentence.  There are a few misdemeanors and felonies that cannot be expunged under any circumstance including some sex related felonies.  Felony records where there was a prison sentence can be improved with a Certificate of Rehabilitation or Pardon.   A Certificate of Rehab must be filed downtown San Diego and also acts as a pardon application, but pardons are rarely granted.  Many felonies where probation was  granted, can be reduced to misdemeanors after probation and expunged at the same time.  This reduction to a misdemeanor alone is extremely valuable, as you would no longer have a felony  record  and may be allowed to possess firearms depending on the charges reduced.   If there is a good reason to terminate your probation early, we can also file for early termination and expungement.

An Expungement in Vista Courts helps clean up your record

     The Expungement section, California Penal Code section 1203.4 et seq., is a valuable tool in record clean up.  Here in Vista and North County, an expungement allows you to withdraw your guilty plea, enter a not guilty and get your case dismissed after completion of probation or after 1 year if probation was not granted.   There are some charges that cannot be expunged, like child molest.  It does improve your record but has some limitations. It is really like a good behavior dismissal.  It does not seal your record and the conviction may still show on background checks, but it will also indicate that the charge was dismissed per P.C. 1203.4. It does not allow you to possess a firearm if it was prohibited as a result of the your conviction.  The offense can also still be used as a prior for enhancing future similar offenses. There are also other benefits.

Is Expungement of an old Oceanside Drug Offense possible?

     Expungement of an old Oceanside or any North County Drug Offense is possible.  It depends on the sentence in the drug case. If it was a misdemeanor, you can almost always have a misdemeanor expunged especially if you successfully completed probation. You may also get an expungement for nearly all felony drug convictions as long as you did not go to State Prison and completed probation.   An additional requirement is that you not have any pending cases or be on probation on any other case.