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Can you terminate probation early in Vista Courts?

You can terminate Probation early in Vista Courts.  It requires a motion to be filed stating the request for early termination and the reason.  Usually additional documentation is included with the motion supporting the early termination.   A court date is assigned about 3-4 weeks later, the District attorney is served a copy of the request for early termination and will respond agreeing or opposing the request.  At the hearing, a Judge will hear both sides and make the decision whether early termination is appropriate.

What is a 4th Amendment waiver?

A 4th amendment waiver is short for giving up your right to be searched with or without probable cause.  It is often used in North San Diego County and throughout California and refers to waiving the protections of the 4th amendment of the U.S. Constitution which gives us the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.  The "4th" waiver is commonly imposed as a term of probation or parole in most criminal cases, especially those relating to theft, drugs and weapons.  It allows you to be searched by law enforcement, probation officers or parole officers whether they have a reason or not.  It is helpful from a law enforcement point of view not only for the access it gives to probationers and parolees, but also as a deterrent to being involved in criminal conduct knowing you could be searched at any time.

Felony Probation Requires Authorization to Leave San Diego County

Felony probation requires authorization by your probation officer (P.O) to leave the San Diego county for short periods of time and by the Court to transfer out of state.  You will need to get permission to temporarily travel from your P.O. or the Court. To permanently relocate you will need to add your case on and request a jurisdictional transfer from the Court.  It is helpful if you are in full compliance, no violations, and sentencing requirements completed.