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How does an infraction differ from a misdemeanor?

An infraction is a minor offenses which is punishable by a fine only, like most minor traffic violations.  A misdemeanor is any crimes that can result in county jail time, even if jail time is not imposed.  The mere fact that it is punishable by possible local custody makes it misdemeanor.  A felony is any crimes where you could get a state prison commit, even if you get no custody on the case.

Is Expungement of an old Oceanside Drug Offense possible?

     Expungement of an old Oceanside or any North County Drug Offense is possible.  It depends on the sentence in the drug case. If it was a misdemeanor, you can almost always have a misdemeanor expunged especially if you successfully completed probation. You may also get an expungement for nearly all felony drug convictions as long as you did not go to State Prison and completed probation.   An additional requirement is that you not have any pending cases or be on probation on any other case.

Was Anyone Injured in Your DUI Accident?

In California it is a felony if someone (other than yourself) is injured in a DUI related accident. The consequences for a felony DUI are much more severe, and it is important to get immediate legal advice from an experienced and proven Vista Ca DUI attorney. A lot will depend upon the unique circumstances of your case. Even though a DUI with Injury starts as a felony, the charges may be able to be reduced to lesser misdemeanor charges or penalties may be able to be lessened or there may be alternatives to custody. A case may even be dismissed if there is a viable defense. A felony DUI carries substantial potential penalties, including state prison. It is a serious matter and can affect you personally and professionally for the rest of your life.