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What can happen with my "heroin possession" case?

Heroin possession is now a misdemeanor and no longer a felony, but it does potentially carry up to a year in jail, $1000 fine and registration as a narcotics offender with local police where you live.  Fortunately, the legislature has provided treatment options in many cases in lieu of punitive sanctions.  Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs there is and one of the most difficult to remain clean from.  Heroin addiction left untreated will most certainly ruin a persons life, their families lives and ultimately result in an early death.  The good news is there are options and medications which can help someone detox off opiates, the problem is staying clean.  The underlying issues that lead to addiction need to be addressed.  If someone does not have the desire to quit and is only doing it to avoid jail, then the prognosis is not good.  Heroin possession becomes much more serious if possession for sale or sale is involved

Can convictions on drug charges be avoided in Vista Courts?

There is a way to avoid convictions on drug charges in Vista Courts depending on a number of factors.  If the person charged with drug charges in Vista Courts is charged only with possession of a small amount of illegal drugs for personal use or under the influence of drugs, they may be eligible for "diversion".  This alternative to conviction requires generally no prior diversions or drug record.  The rules are a little more complicated and are outlined in California Penal Code 1000. 

Escondido drug crimes are heard in Vista Courts

Drug crimes in Escondido are handled usually by Escondido Police Officers and persons arrested are booked into the Vista Jail where bail is set.  A person in jail must see a Judge within 3 Court days, weekends and holidays do not count.  If you are arrested during business hours on Monday, you will see a Judge by Wednesday or be released. However, if arrested on thursday, you may not see a Judge until Monday.  If you post bail or bond, you will be given a Court date about a week later on a felony and about a month later on a misdemeanor.

Is Treatment in Drug Cases in Vista Courts Available?

Treatment in Drug cases in Vista Courts may be available as an alternative to prosecution under certain circumstances, or included in the sentencing for drug charges.  There are several ways to handle a drug case which depend on a number of factors like the charges, the facts of the case, prior record, individual, medical condition and other factors specific to a certain case.  Treatment can be available and ordered as part of a sentence or as an alternative to a sentence.  Whether or not treatment will be successful depends on the individual.