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What Happens Driving on a DUI Suspended License in Vista?

Driving on a DUI suspended license in Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside or anywhere in California, results in significant penalties if you are stopped.  You may be stopped for an equipment violation, moving offense or even at a check point.  Once the officer contacts you, and runs your driver's license, it will show suspended for a DUI case.  At that point, you are then asked to get out of your vehicle and if this is your first offense for driving on an alcohol or DUI supension, the vehicle gets impounded at the scene and held for 30 days.  It costs in excess of $1500 for the tow and impiound to get your car back.  Even if you are not the owner, the car will be impounded.  The owner can contact the law enforcement agency that impounded it and see if try to get it released, however, that is not successful very often. A second offense has much greater penalties and the possibility your car could be sold. 

DUI Suspended License Charges in Vista Courts

DUI suspended license charges in Vista Courts have significant penalties. There are three main suspended license offenses which vary with the reason for the suspension.  All of the charges require driving on a suspended license and notice to the driver of the suspension.  A license can be suspended for being a negligent operator, too many moving violations within a period of time triggering a suspension.  There can be a suspension for failure to appear on a traffic tickets, or an alcohol related DUI suspended license for for driving under the influence or over the legal limit of .08 blood alcohol (B.A.) level or .01 or more for minors or probationers.