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DUI and DMV Suspensions

DUI and DMV Suspensions depend on the facts of the case and the disposition of the criminal case.  Initially when arrested for DUI by law enforcement, an individual is assigned a Court date to face the criminal charge of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and/or drugs and given a notice on a pink sheet of an alcohol administrative DMV suspension case separate from the criminal case.

Is a DUI Restricted License Available for a First Offense?

A DUI restricted license for a first offense is available for drivers age 21 or more.  There are two suspensions that occurr with most "driving under the influence" cases.  There is one triggered by a conviction for either VC 23152(a) driving while affected, or VC 23152(b) driving with .08 B.A. or more.  The other is the DMV pink sheet suspension as a result of being .08 blood alcohol level or more regardless of Court proceedings.  The DUI restricted license is available in both cases in most situations.

Escondido DUI Arrest Hotspots

Escondido DUI arrest hotspots are places where there tend to be more driving under the influence arrests.  The places you think you would be more likely to be arrested in Escondido are in the vicinity of the Bars in Escondido, but also the    I-5 and I-15 freeways.  Escondido police do most of the arrests on city streets, while CHP do most of the freeway stops.  It seems most arrests are at night between 10:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. when people are leaving restaurants and bars close.

How to Make the Best of a DUI in Vista California

Many people who come to our office have never been through anything like their DUI arrest. They are ashamed based upon their ordeal, and the process of being arrested. They are really worried about what is going to happen next, and the impact its going to have on their life. The first thing you should do after receiving a DUI is take a breath. Relax, this is going to be a long process but there is hope for a successful outcome.