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Facing Marijuana Possession Charges? Let Us Help.

The California marijuana laws are confusing and enforcement can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Many people incorrectly assume since medical marijuana is legal in California that enforcement of all marijuana-related crimes is lax and sentences are light. There are many things that can be done defending marijuana-related drug charges. There may even be programs or alternatives to criminal prosecution.

Regardless of the severity of the punishment, a marijuana or drug possession conviction can affect your future and your employment. It is legal in California to possess and to cultivate small amounts of marijuana for personal use with a medical authorization. It is not a license to possess or cultivate larger quantities.

Without any authorization, it is illegal to possess or cultivate any marijuana. Possession of less than an ounce is an infraction and fine only; more than an ounce can be a misdemeanor or a felony. Marijuana possession for sale, transportation, and cultivation are all nonreducible felonies which can result in local custody or prison time.

While legal issues may be similar in these cases, the factors and circumstances unique to each person and case can help achieve the best result in these cases. If you have a pending marijuana case, contact Christoph Law Offices for a free consultation and evaluation.

We have handled hundreds of these cases with local prosecutors and judges on a daily basis, and have been in the same location across from Vista Courts for over 40 years. Call 760-487-6830 for a free consultation.

Cultivation of Marijuana in North County San Diego

With a medical authorization in California, you may possess and cultivate small amounts of marijuana. If you have no authorization and are growing marijuana, possessing it for sale, transporting or selling it, you are facing felony charges that can include potential local custody or prison. Possession for Sale is often determined by surrounding facts like quantity, pay and owe sheets, cellphone messages, packaging material, and cash. Also, possession of a firearm with marijuana or other drugs can greatly enhance any penalties.

Contact Experienced Marijuana Defense Attorneys

If you are facing marijuana-related drug charges it is important to work with experienced and proven marijuana defense lawyers. We have been located across from the Vista Courts for over 40 years and have handled hundreds of marijuana cases. Call to schedule a free consultation with attorneys from the Christoph Law Offices at 760-487-6830, or contact us to make an appointment.

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